Samsung’s GALAXY GS5 and Gear Fit Launch

With the launch of the Samsung GALAXY S5 and Gear Fit, the challenge was to introduce the new products into a crowded market and get lifestyle media - who typically do not cover new technology launches - excited for the new products. To help illustrate the increasing role that technology plays in fitness and highlight Samsung’s role as an innovator in this market, Samsung teamed up with celebrity fitness expert Tracy Anderson to help generate excitement for the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. Tracy helped generate excitement for the GS5 and Gear Fit by sharing her expertise on how to integrate technology into your everyday workout. With an exclusive invitation to experience the devices through an interactive fitness class led by Tracy herself, media were able to experience the benefits of the new devices as they tracked their fitness in real time. In addition to the fitness classes, a media tour was conducted with Tracy in Toronto, leading to 1:1 interviews with top print, online and broadcast news outlets to amplify the message and introduce consumers to the fitness benefits of the new devices.