In an evolving media landscape, North maintains a belief in the power of mainstream media to tell stories, disseminate messages, and reach Canadian consumers.

Our team of media relations experts across the country includes former editors and journalists. Our newsroom-style approach allows us to be nimble and move fast to integrate your brand into the moments that matter most to Canadians. Creative storytelling. Media relations. No one does it better than North.

And, we don’t stop there. North’s extensive PR service offerings include corporate communications, executive media and presentation training, thought leadership, and crisis communications. From proactive message development and writing company materials to 24/7 crisis support, North’s team of PR professionals is here to help you navigate all your PR needs.

North was built to be social by design. We believe that the most impactful social programs are crafted with consumer behaviors and channel best practices as the lead insight.

We know that social media plays a critical role in today’s Customer Decision Journey (CDJ). When we design a social campaign, we give deep consideration to how our content will help move consumers from brand or product awareness to purchase consideration. We don’t just cross our fingers and hope it works. We build paid support into our budgets and put highly strategic targeting and re-targeting plans in place to maximize the engagement our owned content inspires.

At North, we help our clients break through in the crowded marketplace and build brand affinity across multiple unified touchpoints. We are proudly native first meaning we seamlessly integrate creative and media to amplify brand stories that drive business results. And we’re proud to serve as our clients’ trusted advisors, enabling them to achieve their specific goals and objectives.

Our extensive digital marketing capabilities include premium display advertising, native advertising, paid social, programmatic, remarketing, video, digital OOH and search engine marketing. Regardless of the program, our industry-leading team uses premium resources and platforms to drive results and establish relationships that matter.

Gone are the days of sending influencers on junkets or to events and hoping for the best. At North, influencers are not an afterthought or a frivolous add-on. We care about data, insights and business results. That’s why we developed a proprietary process and methodology that brings discipline to the Wild West of influencer marketing. NFLUENCE, our division of influencer specialists, designs customizable campaigns that fully integrate into the content and distribution strategy.

Our NFLUENCE approach ladders up to overall campaign KPIs in the same way the brand content does. We move beyond impressions to drive action and value for our clients and our influencer partners.

Our team of in-house producers and creative brand strategists deliver full-service production capabilities, strategic consulting and creative concepts that result in rich digital and social media content for brands.

From TV-quality video to snackable content built for sharing, Notch offers a vast range of digital content capabilities. With an online marketplace of more than 1,900 talented content creators, we always find the best fit for our clients specific project needs, no matter the budget. Our disruptive model makes it easy and affordable for companies to produce engaging and effective content – something you won’t find anywhere else.

Discover robust insights and analytics, unlocking powerful performance and a comprehensive customer view.

Taking an always-on, dialed-in approach, we relentlessly explore a growing list of digital cues to ensure optimal performance based on our clients’ goals and objectives. By remaining connected to your brand and measuring our efforts in real-time, we continuously optimize for impact – helping to shape strategy, define communications campaigns and create memorable and meaningful content.

In today’s business climate, reputation is everything. Under the influence of an evolving digital media landscape, a business lives and dies on how it is perceived in the public eye. Brand reputation rests on the strength of its people and how they show up online, in the media, and internally. In building and preserving a strong reputation, no opportunity should be wasted or go unamplified. If both a company’s leadership and brand develop a strong reputation, this can be an influential and productive asset for employees, customers, and the overall business.

That’s why, in 2021, we introduced NGAGE to demonstrate the internal and external power of narrative branding to an organization: an all-in-one toolkit for executive and corporate branding, thought leadership and corporate reputation. Because reputation is a complex and nuanced asset, our NGAGE service offers a range of messaging and training options: corporate and executive brand pillars, key messaging and associated thought leadership, presentation and media training.