Employer branding and PR for recruitment

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By Jonathan Forani, Editorial and Media Strategist; and Lindsey Cepek, Director of Growth Strategy, Notch Video

Employer brandingIn today’s competitive job market, the recruitment process is high stakes on both sides of the table. For brands, becoming an employer of choice is essential to attracting and retaining top talent in an evolving world of work.

While branding and PR are key elements of many a desirable job description, they are also undervalued by companies in their recruitment process.

At N2 (North and Notch Video), building brands who are employers of choice in their respective industries is a unique area of expertise. Since launching in 2011, we’ve helped clients in a wide swath of industries – from fashion and tech to food and finance – drive employer brand-of-choice awareness and recruit great talent.

Here are some of the ways we make it happen.

Employer branding strategies

Awards: While awards season for employers is not as glitzy as that of a Hollywood awards season, the PR slam dunk of a “Top 100” honour is undeniable.

We know the importance of awards when it comes to recruiting great talent and have been the driving force behind helping top Canadian employers nab these coveted honours. With a nose for storytelling and an in-house editorial team, our unique and custom-built approach has landed our clients (and our own agency) highly credible company, industry and leadership awards, including Canada’s Top 100 Employer and Canadian HR Awards, to name just two.​

LinkedIn Strategy: Brands should not take LinkedIn for granted. It remains a powerful platform for recruitment and employer branding.

At N2, we have a team of LinkedIn strategy experts to ensure our clients reach the right community of job-hunters and industry thought leaders by helping them create a strong executive personal brand strategy. This starts with a comprehensive audit of executive LinkedIn profiles to determine what’s working and what’s missing. From there, we can help develop a custom LinkedIn playbook and thorough content calendar and help execute a thought leadership strategy, including long-form blog posts and short-form social media moments that elevate the personal brand and company brand further.

Recruitment Programs: The job market today requires a wide range of strategies to reach potential talent and develop a reputation as an employer of choice.

Our custom recruitment programs are designed to address the specific objectives and unique challenges of our clients. For example, to drive recruitment efforts in Vancouver and Boston markets for a telecom equipment company, we ran an omnichannel digital-first campaign (digital out-of-home, social media, sponsored advertorials, etc.) designed to attract skilled software development engineers and help combat low employer-of-choice brand awareness in both hiring regions.​ As a result, the campaign drove 119 total applications from all channels between both markets.

To learn more about how we can help your brand elevate its recruitment process, contact us today.