North Strategic is on TikTok – follow us!

North Strategic is on TikTok – follow us! 1024 388 Jonathan Forani

No longer just a fad app for viral dance routines during pandemic lockdown, TikTok is an undeniable social media force and a must for brands.

Since the inception of TikTok and its meteoric rise, North Strategic has followed viral trends and launched numerous creator campaigns for PR clients on the app.

Now it’s our turn. North has expanded its social media presence and officially launched our own TikTok page! Follow us here.

Why TikTok for brands

This is a message to our clients: get on TikTok. But that doesn’t mean every brand needs an actual account.

Just because a brand isn’t live on TikTok doesn’t mean that brand can’t show up on the platform in ​other ways. Unlike Meta, you don’t need to have a channel to run social ads on the platform. Creators can also be leveraged to help drive brand messaging and target key audiences​.

Unprecedented engagement

TikTok offers unprecedented engagement. According to TikTok For Business, audiences spend an average of 90 minutes daily on the platform, but it’s not just about length of time. It’s about attention:

Active viewing & participation​

More than 90 per cent of users are on TikTok without the TV on, which gives brands 100% SOV​. That’s huge. Audiences on TikTok are engaged because their experience on the app is tailored to their tastes. Robust data on-platform allows for amplification of creator content to be shared directly with the audiences it will most resonate with, driving overall business results. ​

Creators driving ​authenticity​

Showing up on TikTok as a brand without an account means partnering with talented creators who have immense influence. The reason for that influence is perceived authenticity from TikTok users. According to TikTok For Business, 68 per cent of TikTok users said that creator videos are ​the most approachable content on the platform ​

​But the TikTok “ban”?

The app has also been the subject of government scrutiny, particularly in the United States where its existence is fragile. Privacy concerns led the U.S. Senate to pass legislation in April that would force the app’s China-based parent company, Bytedance, to sell or face a U.S. ban. In Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau would not comment on the bill, but said he would “look closely” to ensure the safety of Canadians online.

With a sale deadline of Jan. 19, 2025, the social media landscape in the U.S. could look very different next year. At North Strategic, we’re already developing contingency plans for 2025.

To learn more about our approach to TikTok and other social platforms, contact us today.