Dormez-vous hits the streets for ‘moving day’

North and Dormez-vous logos side by side

Man and woman talking in a parkTo position Dormez-vous (Sleep Country Canada’s sister brand) as a champion of sleep and wellness in Quebec, North developed an integrated influencer, PR and experiential campaign for summer “moving season,” when the majority of leases end in Quebec. We capitalized on this moment to ask Quebecers to re-evaluate their health and wellness goals as they set up a new home.

We engaged well-known influencer duo P.O & Marina to surprise Quebecers on the streets of Montreal and interview them about “moving day” and their sleeping habits. Our in-house production team at Notch Video filmed the interviews and edited together the best moments into a fun vox pop-style video for Instagram.

To boost brand credibility, we also leveraged Dormez-vous sleep experts to highlight the importance of sleep and how to achieve it with simple steps through sponsored content in key outlets.

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