Navigating the Holidays as a Busy Parent

Navigating the Holidays as a Busy Parent 964 667 Jonathan Forani

By Lindsey Rosen, Head of Production and Operations, Notch Video

Working parents holidaysAs a mom of three kids—an 11-year-old daughter who thinks she’s going on 18, an adventurous, hockey-playing 9-year-old son, and an adorable yet stubborn 4-year-old daughter—I often find myself in the middle of a whirlwind during the holiday season. Balancing the joy and chaos that the holidays bring, alongside my role as a parent and, let’s be honest, the occasional chaos of my work life, has its fair share of challenges and rewards. 

Flexibility is the name of the game. It’s not just about having a plan but being ready to adjust and adapt at a moment’s notice. Just like in production where things can change at a moment’s notice (i.e. waking up with pink eye thanks to said daughters on one of your busiest shoot days of the year), parenting requires a similar skill set. Being open to change, whether it’s plans for a holiday event or adjusting my work schedule, is key to navigating this hectic time. Not to mention, these parental skills have also been valuable leadership qualities in the workplace.  

Quality time with my family is precious to all of us. As I am sure all of you do, we have our traditions, like watching the movie Elf while sipping on hot chocolate, and our own twist on Christmas Eve dinner: making homemade carbonara. Another favourite tradition has become the annual Publicis Kids Holiday party. It is so nice to have that time with family and colleagues, watching our children interact and get to know one another. All of these moments are more than just activities; they’re opportunities for connection, laughter, and creating those core memories.

Even though its often hard, setting boundaries has been essential for maintaining that delicate balance between work and family life. I try to establish dedicated times for family activities and work commitments. This helps to ensure I’m fully present in whichever role I’m playing at that moment. There are always so many parties, events, and regular commitments during this time of year, making my calendar even more important than usual. If you don’t already have a shared calendar, I highly encourage it! We always know where kids need to be, or when my husband or I have a work commitment and need the extra support thanks to our family calendar.  

 I’ve come to learn that involving my kids in holiday preparations not only lightens my load but also fosters a sense of responsibility and togetherness. Whether it’s decorating the house, wrapping presents, or cooking together, these shared tasks create bonds and teach important life skills. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment and they are always more eager to share the cookies they helped to bake or the card they made for a special family member or friend.  

 As busy parents, we tend to forget about ourselves during the holidays, but I am here to remind you, and myself a little bit, that self care should be a priority. During the holiday rush, taking a moment for myself—whether it’s a quiet cup of coffee, a workout during lunch or digging into great book—recharges my energy and patience, allowing me to be fully present and engaged with my kids. 

 And please don’t try and do it all alone. Having a support system in place is invaluable during this time of year especially. Whether it’s a partner lending a hand, family members pitching in, or relying more on our work family, others’ support makes this juggling act a bit easier. The N2 team (North Strategic and Notch Video) is always there to support one another and jump in when we need a hand, you just have to ask for help if you need it.   

So, to all the parents out there navigating the holiday chaos, remember to embrace the madness, savour the moments, and cherish the memories because amidst the frenzy, there’s magic in the air, and it’s worth every bit of the hustle. And get in front of the camera not just behind it so you have proof of all the hard work you’ve done. Happy Holidays!


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