BMW: Engagement Strategy

North and BMW logos on a blue backgroun

The BMW Ultimate Drive bracket, showcasing the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia as the Winning Drive.When the COVID-19 pandemic knocked BMW showroom traffic to an all-time low, the brand wanted to develop a new digital strategy to engage consumers, build loyalty and support Canadians through a difficult time. With the BMW fleet of press vehicles locked up in the garage, the strategy couldn’t rely on branded pitches to media. Instead, North and Notch designed a campaign to spread moments of joy and educate audiences on social media through various initiatives, including knowledge-testing “Trivia Tuesdays,” photo-focused “Wallpaper Wednesdays,” and a Q&A opportunity dubbed “BMW Genius,” all of which surpassed previous campaign benchmarks for engagement.



Statistics stating: Follower Growth increase: +1,334 Facebook, +6,420 Instagram, +500 Twitter

Stats: 30+ Wallpaper Wednesdays, 18 Trivia Tuesdays, 13 Genius Days, 5 Under the Spotlight fan features, 21 trending moments and 5 BMW Lives